Ziroom has Established an International Rental Platform, ZABIT, initially Providing 20,000 High-quality Housing Options for Chinese International Students.

On May 20th, Ziroom officially launched its international rental business and established the international rental platform “Ziroom ZABIT”, offering over 20,000 rental units in Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom. The first step is to focus on providing rental services for Chinese students studying abroad.



In recent years, as the number of international students has steadily increased, so has the demand for international rental housing. It’s showed based on the data that the cumulative number of mainland Chinese students studying abroad in the top 10 countries/regions has been more than 1.072 million, and the number is still growing. In addition, the cumulative scale of rental housing generated by the top 6 countries/regions for international students is more than 100 billion yuan, with broad market prospects.

However, international students often face numerous challenges when renting abroad, including language barriers, cultural differences, varying laws and regulations, and unreliable online information. Common issues include difficulty finding reliable rental channels, inaccurate property information, disputes over rent and deposits, and poor quality of rental properties.

“From the beginning of its establishment, Ziroom has aimed to become a technology company that provides high-quality residential products and exceeds user expectations, respected and loved worldwide.” After 13 years of deep development in Chinese housing rental market, it’s believed that we have the opportunity and ability to create the same comfortable living experience for Chinese students as that for Chinese students in China. “Meng Yue, the head of Ziroom International rental platform, said that currently Ziroom has launched Ziroom APP, WeChat mini program, and other platforms. The first batch of over 20,000 housing units located in core areas and near universities in more than 20 major cities including Hong Kong, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Liverpool in China and the UK have been fully launched and are opened for viewing and signing. 


Ziroom’s neighbor ZABIT has proposed the concept of “peace of mind booking, worry-free living, and heartwarming service”. The platform ensures genuine pricing, selects high-quality properties, and offers services like compensation for quality issues and 24/7 cloud customer service, making it easy for customers to find, sign, and rent properties with peace of mind.


(Ziroom ZABIT Mini Program)

When mentioned the origin of the international brand ZABIT, Meng Yue said, “We combined Ziroom and Habitat to create the new international brand name, that is, ZABIT.” “We aim to leverage Ziroom’s high-quality products, services, and technological capabilities to build an ideal living space for users in the international rental market, making distant places feel like home.”

Meng Yue stated that in the future, Ziroom would gradually enter more countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Singapore, and Australia through ZABIT, and expect providing millions of high-quality housing resources, bringing Ziroom’s products, services, and technological capabilities to global users.

Insiders believe that in recent years, independent Chinese enterprises representing new productive forces and solutions from China have been exploring international business, becoming an important topic of the times.

With the support of its products, services, and technological capabilities, Ziroom has established its presence in 10 first-tier and new first-tier cities in China, managing nearly 1 million properties. It has become one of the leading and most representative market-oriented and professional long-term rental institutions in China, offering a fully online rental experience that represents international standards. Currently, Ziroom has chosen to start its international business, which not only demonstrates Ziroom’s forward-looking vision as an industry leader, but also injects new vitality into the development of China’s long-term rental industry.

Its first batch is located in Hong Kong, China, as well as more than 20,000 homes in London, Cambridge, Coventry, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and other 20 major cities. It has been fully launched and carried out checking and signing openly, whose main types of housing include muti-family residential products, which are mainly for student apartments, service apartments and serviced apartments, as well as decentralized residential products, including shared and whole rentals.

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