Ray Stevenson Died From Vaccine-Associated Sudden Adverse Reaction Syndrome Ultimate 2

Do Rome and Thor actor Ray Stevenson die of COVID-19 vaccine sudden adult death syndrome (SADS)?! Check out viral claims about his death to uncover what the facts really are! Updated at 2023-10-18 with expanded section regarding his death from heart attack and pneumonia.

Updated @ 2023-09-07 : Removed claim that Ray Stevenson died due to anaphylaxis.

Originally posted @ 2025-05-25.

Anti-Vaccination Activism in Ireland After news broke of Ray Stevenson’s hospitalisation and subsequent death, anti-vaccine activists quickly claimed he died due to COVID-19 vaccine sudden adult death syndrome (SADS)!

Ray Stevenson’s death came as an absolute shock – his career flourishing with no signs of illness; taken ill while working, all while living in an age when covid vaccines were available and recommended! He will always remain an icon in my eyes.

Ray Stevenson died yesterday at age 58 seemingly without apparent cause; most likely caused by vaccine-related issues as is often reported by authorities.

Ray Stevenson, one of my favorite actors, passed away recently and will be sorely missed. An unexpected illness took another good person away, so here is one more to add to my list: Recomanded Article : Died Suddenley: Anti-Vaccination Movie Lies Exposed!

No Evidence Ray Stevenson Died From Vaccine SADS!

Anti-vaccine activists have made it a tradition of quickly attributing celebrity deaths or illnesses directly to COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, this FAKE NEWS created and spread by anti-vaccine activists is another example of FAKE NEWS created and promulgated by them – here are their reasons:

Fact #1 : Ray Stevenson Died While Filming In Italy Ray Stevenson

(born George Raymond Stevenson on May 25, 1964) was an Irish actor best known for his roles as King Arthur, Thor and Ahsoka on Hollywood movies as well as Rome on HBO and Ahsoka for Star Wars series. He died while filming there in 2010.

La Repubblica reports that Ray Stevenson was filming Cassino in Ischia when he experienced “an acute illness necessitating hospitalisation” on Saturday afternoon, 20 May 2023.

Ray Stevenson was admitted to hospital on Friday night, 20 May 2023, suffering a “very serious condition”, which worsened over the next 24 hours and ultimately led to his death on Sunday morning, 21 May 2023 – four days prior to reaching 59 years old. Ray is survived by Elisabetta Caraccia (an Italian anthropologist) and their three sons.

Ray Stevenson

Fact #2 : Ray Stevenson’s Cause Of Death Is Unknown Unfortunately, no details 

regarding Ray Stevenson’s death have been provided publicly by either his representative or family members.

Ray Stevenson may have died unexpectedly due to any number of causes; heart attack or stroke being two possibilities that might explain his hospitalisation before passing away.

Once his representative, family, or Italian authorities publicly disclose his cause of death, any person who claims Ray Stevenson died due to this or that reason could simply be lying. Recommended Reading: Could Dolly Parton Die From This Medical Condition Soon?!

Fact #3 : Ray Stevenson May Have Suffered From Heart Attack

Italian media reports speculated that Ray Stevenson died due to an anaphylactic shock followed by severe pneumonia.

On Saturday afternoon while working, he experienced an acute anaphylactic reaction and was immediately taken to hospital, arriving directly in recovery room he realized his lungs had become compromised enough that an online post had already announced his passing by this afternoon.

Italian newspapers Il Corriere della Sera and Il Mattino reported that Northern Irish actor Stevenson may have died as the result of an anaphylactic shock-induced heart attack, although no definitive proof has been presented as to this happening. While this theory seems plausible, no hard evidence exists to corroborate it yet.

Of course, if Stevenson died due to heart attack alone it would disprove any claims that he died as the result of COVID-19 vaccine SADS or side effects since these vaccines do not cause heart attacks.

mRNA vaccines may cause anaphylaxis in rare instances, usually within minutes after administration, so it is unlikely COVID-19 vaccines had anything to do with Stevenson’s death.

Fact #4 : Unknown If Ray Stevenson Was Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Stevenson did not discuss his COVID-19 vaccination status publicly or with his family; therefore it remains unknown as of yet whether he received vaccination against this virus.

At this point, it’s impossible for us to know whether Kaden Clymer has received his COVID-19 vaccination; after all, its use is not mandatory in the UK. Kris Jordan, Aaron Carter, Kirstie Alley Stephan Bonnar David Wayne Burleson and Kaden Clymer all died suddenly while remaining unvaccinated against COVID-19.

So long as the family does not disclose his COVID-19 vaccination status, anyone claiming that Stevenson died due to taking COVID-19 vaccine is likely lying about it. Read Also: Did Tom Sizemore Die of Vaccine-Induced Stroke?!

Ray Stevenson

Fact #5 : Vaccine Side Effects Appear Rapidly Although Ray Stevenson 

had received all available doses against COVID-19 vaccine, this does not indicate his death from its side effects – as his shots would have likely been received months earlier!

He couldn’t possibly be experiencing a side effect of vaccination as they manifest themselves within hours or days – not months later. Mild side effects like injection site pain, fever, muscle ache, headache and lethargy typically appear within minutes to hours post vaccination.

Anaphylaxis can occur within minutes, while myocarditis and VITT symptoms typically surface within days.

Antivaxxers often claim that vaccine-produced spike proteins provide permanent immunity, yet none do. If they were permanent immunity would exist over a lifetime.

Your own immune system will quickly recognize spike proteins as foreign and destroy them within days to weeks – this is how vaccines teach your immune system how to recognize enemies and eliminate them.

Claims Of Celebrities Being Hurt By COVID-19 Vaccine Prove False Claims that sudden deaths/injuries due to COVID-19 vaccination have all been disproven so far; here is just another dozen false sudden death claims!

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