The 5 Great Resilience by Technology And Design – RTD” is scheduled. third edition of the International Scientific Conference

Unveiling Solutions for a Resilient Future

Technology And Design – RTD” provides a crucial forum to address contemporary global challenges. Hosted on an international platform, this conference serves as an event where experts, researchers, scholars, and visionaries come together to exchange ideas, share insights and chart a path forward towards making use of technology and design to strengthen resilience across various domains.

Introduction: Building Resilience Together

The RTD conference stands as a testament to the collective dedication of diverse disciplines towards harnessing technology and design for resilience enhancement. Hosted by leading institutions and revered thought leaders in this field, RTD seeks to foster an environment conducive to collaborations and uncovering innovative solutions.

Explore Conference Themes Now

This conference features various themes that explore the interrelation between technology, design, and resilience across various sectors:

Resilient Infrastructure: Discussions involving cutting-edge technology and modern design principles that help protect critical infrastructure from natural disasters, cyber threats and unexpected disruptions.

Sustainable Urban Development: Examining the role of technology and design in building resilient cities by prioritizing sustainable infrastructure, efficient resource management, and community resilience.

Healthcare and Well-Being: Deliberations on how the latest advances in medical technology and design can be leveraged to advance healthcare systems, promote well-being and expedite response strategies during health crises.

Environmental Resilience: Showcasing initiatives that utilize technology and design to address environmental challenges, combat climate change, and foster sustainability.

Business Continuity and Resilient Economies: Examining strategies that enable businesses to adapt, innovate, and thrive despite disruptions using technologies and design thinking for resilient operations.

Professional Keynote Speakers and Thought Leaders

Notable scholars, industry experts and visionaries from around the globe take part in RTD as keynote speakers and thought leaders, providing invaluable insights, research findings, experiences and opinions which contribute to shaping discourse on resilience through technology and design.

In a world rapidly evolving through technological advancements and innovative design, the significance of has emerged as a critical theme in ensuring sustainability and progress. The anticipation builds as the third edition of the esteemed International Scientific Conference titled “Resilience by Technology And Design – RTD” is on the horizon.

Exploring Resilience Through Technology and Design


RTD 2018 conference promises to be an eventful affair as its organizers examine the intersection between technology and design for building resilience across various spheres of life. Given climate change, socio-economic fluctuations, and pandemic threats arising from globalisation, this forum serves as an opportunity to examine how technological solutions can strengthen our capabilities to adapt and thrive under pressure.

Diverse Themes and Discourses

The third edition of RTD promises an extensive array of themes and discussions encapsulating the essence . Esteemed scholars, researchers, industry experts, and thought leaders from around the globe will converge to present their insights on innovative solutions and strategies.

The agenda encompasses topics such as:

Resilient Urban Planning and Infrastructure: Designing cities to withstand environmental pressures and societal changes.

Technological Innovations for Environmental Resilience: Exploring sustainable technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Resilience in Healthcare Systems: Leveraging technology and design to enhance healthcare accessibility and responsiveness.

Digital Resilience and Cybersecurity: Addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring resilience in the digital realm.

Collaborative Learning and Networking

The RTD conference serves not only as a platform for knowledge dissemination but also as a hub for networking and collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, fostering interdisciplinary exchange and partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Call for Papers and Participation


Researchers, academicians, practitioners, and innovators are encouraged to contribute their scholarly work and insights by submitting papers, case studies, or proposals aligned with the conference themes. This inclusive approach aims to incorporate diverse perspectives and foster comprehensive discussions on resilience

Interactive Workshops and Paper Presentations

RTD provides researchers and practitioners a venue to showcase their cutting-edge research through paper presentations, stimulating intellectual discussions, and stimulating workshops. This exchange of ideas serves as a vital catalyst to drive innovation forward while paving the way towards practical solutions.

Networking Opportunities The conference provides ample networking opportunities, fostering interactions among participants from diverse backgrounds. These interactions foster collaborations among multidisciplinary teams dedicated to finding innovative approaches to resilience issues.

Conclusion: Building Resilient Futures

The International Scientific Conference “By Technology And Design – RTD” stands as a testament to humanity’s collective efforts in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. Harnessing technology and design as catalysts for innovation, RTD acts as a roadmap toward more resilient future across various areas of human endeavor.

RTD represents the collaboration and shared vision of global stakeholders to create an environment in which everyone thrives regardless of circumstances – one empowered by technology, enhanced by design, and strengthened by resilience.

Join RTD as we embark on this transformative journey towards a future where resilience is not simply a theoretical concept but achievable through technology and design collaboration.

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