Stay away from the abyss of hair loss: Bestqool RLT as the last life-saving straw for hair loss

Nowadays, many people are plagued by hair loss. For people with hair loss, it is a very urgent problem to stop their hair from falling out, and they don’t want to have anxiety caused by hair loss in addition to their already high-pressure lifestyle. In fact, we can’t avoid hair loss in our daily lives, but if the hair falls out too much, we should pay attention to the body! So, it’s important to understand the root causes of hair loss. Today, I will tell you what causes hair loss and how it can be navigated effectively with revolutionary Bestqool red light therapy.

Causes of hair loss

A typical scalp contains 100,000 hair follicles, which go through a growth cycle, transition, and rest. On average, it is normal for people to shed 50 -100 hairs daily. But if the number of hair loss is more than 100 per day, with visible bald patches, then it is pathological hair loss. Both internal and external factors contribute directly to hair loss.

Internal Factors of Hair Loss

  • Excessive stress is a big reason for hair loss in contemporary people; whether it is work or study, mental stress leads to endocrine disorders.
  • Nutrients are transported by hair follicles, and vitamins, iron deficiency, etc., cause a lack of nutrient supply to the hair, resulting in dryness and shedding.
  • Seborrheic alopecia is also the cause of hair loss in most people, mainly due to excessive scalp oil production. Clogged hair follicles affect the health of hair follicles.
  • Heredity is a very powerful element behind hair loss; if there is hair loss in the family, the probability of one getting it also greatly increases.

External factors of Hair Loss

  • The environment in which human beings live is deteriorating; air pollution and water pollution cause people to absorb a large number of toxic substances, and the endocrine system and immune system are destroyed, affecting hair health.
  • Improper maintenance, excessive use of shampoo and hair care products, or alkaline and low-quality shampoo consumption cause hair damage.
  • Long-term perming and braiding destroy the hair roots due to excessive physical stretching, high heat, or chemical reactions.
  • The chemical induces hair loss in people who dye their hair regularly. Chemical hair dyes can irritate the scalp and hair follicles, leading to hair loss in the long term.

Research on preventing hair loss

With the continuous progress of science and technology, red light therapy has finally brought new hope to solve the hair loss problem. As an innovative solution, red light therapy/photobiomodulation for hair loss treatment [1]  is attracting more attention for its excellent effect and wide application. Several scientific studies and clinical trials have proven red light therapy’s utility in acute and chronic hair loss. 

In 2023, a 24-week clinical trial used red light therapy (630-970 nm) as a treatment on 50 male and female participants with androgenetic alopecia.  Each day, a 20-minute session for 24 weeks has shown hair thickening, reduced sebum production, and overall improved hair condition.[2]  

Similarly, another study was done on 24 women with female pattern hair loss who used red light therapy (655 nm) at home every other day for 25 min with follow-up at 16 weeks. RLT significantly improved their hair count without any side effects.[3]  

The Effect of Bestqool RLT on Hair Loss

Bestqool RLT has amazing effects on the following aspects of hair health:

  • Activates the mitochondria in the cell and increases the energy production of the cell so that the cell has more energy to promote hair growth. 
  • Increase the activity and metabolic rate of hair follicle cells and can stimulate the production of cytokines and growth factors in hair follicle cells, which are essential for hair growth and are beneficial to increase the number of new hairs.
  • Enhance scalp blood circulation, improve scalp blood supply, deliver more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, and provide a good environment for hair growth;
  •  Inflammation and oxidative stress are some of the causes of hair loss; red light irradiation can reduce the inflammatory response of the scalp, and excessive oxidative stress can prevent hair loss.

Right Way to use Bestqool RLT for Hair loss prevention

1: Prior to starting RLT treatment, find the area of the scalp with active hair loss. It is critical to read the device manually and understand its features, together with wavelength, irradiance, and operating instructions.

2: Wash the scalp thoroughly with a gentle shampoo and remove oil, residual debris, and chemicals.

3: Position the device directly on the affected areas and keep the appropriate distance between the LED and the scalp. Prevent LED from directly touching the skin. Therapy sessions vary depending on the treatment goals for hair loss; generally, it is between 10 – 30 min per session.

4: Be consistent with the treatment for better results. Track and record any visible changes in hair thickness, density, and scalp improvement. In case of any adverse effects, consult a dermatologist.

Is Bestqool RLT effective for the hair growth?

Bestqool RLT device is an advanced and convenient tool for the treatment of hair loss, and it has unique features:

Most importantly, it is non-invasive, safe, and reliable: The Bestqool RLT device offers non-invasive treatment without the use of medication or surgery. It does not harm the skin and hair. Moreover, it cannot trigger any allergic or uncomfortable reactions, which makes it suitable for people of all ages who have hair loss.

Bestqool RLT device can be operated at home without the need for a professional. Hair loss can be reversed in just a few sessions at home every day, without going to a clinic or beauty salon. This saves time and effort and makes hair loss treatment more feasible.

Additionally, does Bestqool RLT also have an effect on both hair loss and hair growth? Bestqool RLT can penetrate deep into the scalp and stimulate blood circulation in hair follicles by promoting hair growth and density, making the scalp healthier. 


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