MediVape: Your Partner in Medical Cannabis Inhalation Therapy

A medical cannabis vaporiser or vape is a medically approved device used for consuming cannabis flowers. Although there is ongoing research on such devices, they are believed to be a safer method of consuming cannabis than smoking it. Patients seeking relief and satisfaction with medical cannabis vaporisers use them on prescription.

Cannabis Vaporiser Use and Supply in Australia 

Vaporisers are a safe and effective way for such patients to receive relief through CBD therapy. There is a difference between medical vapes and other types of vaporisers. Therapeutic vaporisers are available in vape pens, desktop vapes, and portable vapes. 

They adjust the heating temperature with such accuracy that they regulate the vapour density. Vaporisers heat a substance slowly at up to 230ﹾC until it gives a vapour. The slow burning ensures the material does not burn since the burning gives different and undesirable medical effects. 

Vaporisers have distinct benefits and advantages over burning cannabis. 

Cannabis vaporisers are medicine

Cannabis is an effective treatment for managing chronic pain, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, neuropathic pain and muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis. They control Alzheimer’s and cancers. Patients suffering from stress, anxiety and eating disorders find significant improvement in their conditions when placed on CBD vaping therapy.

Legally permissible

Burning cannabis to smoke is illegal in Australia. Vaping cannabis for medicinal purposes circumvents that law by eliminating the burning of cannabis substances.

Reduces cannabis side effects

Smoking cannabis causes adverse mental and physical effects. Burning cannabis leads to the release of harmful substances, some causing complications like cancer. Some researchers believe that using cannabis vaporisers reduces the emission of carbon monoxide. It also reduces chronic respiratory symptoms associated with smoking cannabis.

Higher bioavailability 

A vaporiser has a faster effect on the patient than oral consumption of cannabis. The vapour reaches the bloodstream quickly through the alveoli after its inhalation. Its effect lasts several hours, which is helpful for patients suffering from acute conditions. 

Therefore, vaping has a greater bioavailability benefit than smoking, though dosing and long-term outcomes of cannabis use by vaping seem hazy at times.

More discreet

Unlike vaping, smoking cannabis produces smoke and a telling odour. Besides its being illegal, sometimes cannabis users face discrimination in society. Due to ignorance of CBD therapy for medical purposes, some people think vaping is a cover-up for the cannabis smoking vice. 

Vaping is a discreet way, legally approved and rather imperceptible way of using cannabis. It does not require matches. Further, vaping enhances the pure and organic flavours of cannabis.

The Australian government makes changes to control and limit the use of vaporisers. The progressive legislative intention seeks to ban the use of vapes in Australia. That law approves the use of vaporisers for medical purposes only. 

Consequently, vape retailers such as vape shops, tobacconists, and convenience stores will no longer have approval to distribute any type of vaporiser once the law comes into effect. Vapes comprise vaping accessories, vaping substances and vaping devices. 

The law banning the manufacture or importation of all vapes is enacted on 1st March 2024. The ban exempts vapes used for therapeutic purposes supplied on prescription and in pharmacy settings. Otherwise, vapes that do not contain nicotine or any medicine and are non-therapeutic will remain permissible in non-pharmacy settings.


As with most medical solutions, vaping cannabis has side effects such as hallucinations, dizziness and irritated eyes. Even as research continues into this therapy, it is clear that the benefits outweigh the concerns. To make the most of this medical intervention, dealing with qualified and certified medical professionals is wise. Handling and using vaporiser devices correctly and within the prescribed regulations is also advisable.

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